Transponder Keys

Transponder keys transmit a special signal to a remote receiver. These are many times used in cars and other motorized vehicles to start and unlock them. However, other locking systems could also use them such as keyless entry systems or gate openers. This type of key is specifically designed to work only with one vehicle, which reduces the risk of the car being stolen.

The reason these keys are different is the microchip contained inside. In a car, these keys send a special signal to the lock or ignition to open and operate the car. This all sounds fine, but if you lose these keys, you can have a problem getting duplicates, if you do not go to the right locksmith. You must go to one that understands these keys.

The right locksmith will know which key blanks to use for your specific needs. Of course, you should get a duplicate key before you have a problem, so you always have an extra handy in case of emergencies. However, if you are ever caught out and about without a working transponder key, there are those locksmiths that come to you and provide you with duplicate transponder keys. This helps you be back on your way to your daily tasks quickly.

If you get the wrong transponder key for your model car, it will not work correctly. Then you will need to take it back and get a replacement. This is a hassle that can be avoided by finding the right locksmith to help you.

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