Keypad Locks

Locking systems were invented in the third century BC where Emperor Tiberius was intent on protecting the treasures of his kingdom. As early as the 11th century, during the Crusades, locks for chastity belts were as valuable as the locks guarding the king’s jewels. These were crude devices which made it difficult, but not impossible, to gain access to the type of treasure being guarded. There are many advantages obtained by the use of keyless locking systems in use today.
Keypad locks are different from the traditional types of locks that have been used for many years. These modern day locks use a keypad with a secret set of numbers and/or letters to secure the doors they are used on. In some instances, biometric features can be added to locks to allow entrance through an eye reader of fingerprint scanner. Other modern locks include a swipe slot where a card with an electronically initialized code is imprinted on a magnetic strip. These locking systems are nearly 99.9% foolproof.
One of the advantages of keypad locks and other keyless locking systems is that there is no reason to be concerned about being locked out because you lost your keys. Of course, you must always be aware of what your secret code is and the necessity to remove glasses and gloves before entering your specific access information. Losing one’s keys with traditional locks meant going through an involved process in order to correct the situation.

In the past, it was necessary to call in a locksmith to unlock the door and install another lock if you were going to once again secure your property. With the newer keyless systems, the only thing that must be done is to retrieve the pin or in the case of biometric systems, there should be no problem with losing any identifying information, thus eliminating the potential of loss of access.
There are many places where keypad locks are ideal. Those would be in offices where numerous employees are coming and going at all times of the day or night and losing keys could cause security problems. Homes where children are getting home from school before parents arrive can be better secured with keypad systems so that there is no worry about lost keys leaving kids vulnerable.
Traditional door locks are not all that difficult for experienced burglars to pick. This compromises property as well as those individuals living there. With today’s new technology, keypad locks and others make it much less likely, if not impossible, for anyone to copy your lock information and gain unauthorized access.
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