Car Key Replacement

Let’s face it; we’ve all lost our car keys at one point or another. Maybe it was that you forgot them at the office, and are now stranded in the middle of the parking lot, not being able to get back in because the business is closed. This is just one of the hundreds of different scenarios we may have faced, and even, had our keys stolen. For whatever reason, there are going to be times when car key replacement is required.
While it is pretty easy to get older vehicles rekeyed, today, many cars have high security locks and entry systems. Some of these keys don’t even have teeth on their edge anymore, and just have special side slots. Some of these are electronic, which are special keys that include transponder chips in them to prevent theft. Others are completely keyless, needing a special code, and if you forget your code, you are completely locked out of your vehicle. So what happens if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle for some reason? .

This is where Huntington Beach Locksmith comes into play. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in the middle of a scary parking lot at three in the morning, or sitting outside your house on a Saturday afternoon, or even at Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving, this company has you covered. We offer a variety of automotive emergency services, and are open 24/7/365. Here are just some of the car key replacement services we offer: •Key manufacturing and replacement
•Alignment and replacement of locks
•Broken key extractions
•Emergency replacement of keys
•Transponder chip replacement
These are just a few of the replacement services offered. In addition, we have transponder chips for most, if not all, major makes and models of vehicles, some of which include:
These are just some of the vehicles e service. So no matter what kind of vehicle you may own, car, truck or van, Huntington Beach Locksmith has you covered. Our technicians are fully bonded and insured, and will be out to your location in less than thirty minutes, no matter where you are. Be assured that when our locksmiths arrive they will get you back in your car with no damage, and have you going in no time.
So no matter what the problem is, from car key replacement, lockout service for your car or even your trunk, give our company a call. Have your vehicle make and model ready. If you find yourself stranded, don’t hesitate to call us.