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Lock Rekeying

After a day of surfing or laying on the beach neither Huntington Beach residents nor visitors, is in the mood to think about security. They just want to go home eat and relax. With many visitors to the city, drawn to its 8.5 miles of unspoiled beaches and its dependably surf-worthy waves, short term rental properties abound. Unfortunately, keys often go missing and while it is tempting to hope that missing keys are lost or just misplaced in some cases they are taken to be used later. Many people balk at the idea of changing locks due to the expense (and mess) involved. However, a technique known as lock rekeying is much less expensive and just as secure as replacing the whole lock.
Although kits are sold that allow individuals to perform lock rekeying on their own, it is wisest for most people to hire a locksmith to do the job for them. The process, although not well known is far from new. Solomon Andrews developed the concept of rekeying in 1836, and rekeying became the inspiration for combination locks. Lock rekeying makes an old lock behave as though it were a new one. Keys that use to fit the lock will no longer work and only those with new keys, made to match the locks new “combination” are usable.

A good time to hire someone to do a lock rekeying is when moving into a new house. Remember, just because the realtor gives you keys to your new house that does not mean those are the only keys floating around to your new front door. Even a newly-built house might not be totally secure as one of the builders may have kept a key. While replacing a lock can damage the look of a door, particularly an old one, and may require paint or varnish to restore the door’s appearance, a rekeying job does not present this problem. Without the fuss and bother of changing the locks, you can be certain no one can unlock your door but those to whom you entrust a key. Another situation when a rekeying is wise is when moving into a rental property; ask the property owner if you can have the lock rekeyed. They should not mind, after all it is in their best interest.
When you are not sure if your old lock can keep you safe, if you have lost keys or given them to someone you no longer trust, give us a call and let us transform you old lock into, for all intents and purposes, a new lock. Call us day or night for a lock rekeying; we won’t keep you waiting. You call, we come and leave you happy and secure.