Access Control

One of the many admirable aspects of Huntington Beach, California is its determination to preserve its beautiful coastline by prohibiting construction on its 8.5-mile long beach area. Residents and visitors enjoy an unobstructed view of the ocean allowing the city to retain its natural connection to the ocean. Just as the city has prospered due to its limiting access to the beach to people and not structures, so have businesses here enjoyed success by using access control for their premises.
Controlling who has access to a building is important to private citizens, government agencies and businesses alike. By allowing only authorized personnel into an area, tangible valuables are protected as well as intellectual property. Even parking garages benefit from access control. It allows companies to limit parking to their employees and provides a layer of personal protection in the process. Insurance companies appreciate companies who use access control in their employee parking garages because it reduces the likelihood of employee injury and a lawsuit. Employees like it because it makes them feel safer.

Today technology allows access control to mean more than just keeping out those who should not enter. It also means, when keyless entry is used, knowing who enters or leaves an area including a timestamp of the event. This enables employers to keep track of how many employees are in a building, when employees arrive and when they leave. It is easier and more efficient than a sign-in sheet or a head count. Moreover, by limiting the quantity of employees allowed into certain areas, a business owner can cut down on theft. Fewer people with access means unscrupulous employees think twice before stealing property or information. It means honest employees feel more secure knowing they are less likely to be falsely accused.
When keyless locks are used for access control the added advantage of quick and easy changes to access are permitted. Employees can be granted access with just a few keystrokes on a computer. A modern access control system can even know when an employee is supposed to be at work and deny access to anyone using their code, badge or card when the employee is not scheduled to work. When employees leave a company, their access can be terminated as well, without the confusion of changing or rekeying locks.
If you feel adding access control or upgrading your present system is something you would be interested in, please give us a call. We would be happy to explain the various systems available and give you the benefit of our years of experience and our expertise. .