Key Fobs

IWhat are key fobs? There are many different fobs out there, but there are three main types. One of them is the purely decorative type. They are put on your keychain, have sayings on them, telling people off, or with the logo of your favorite team. They can have little toys and games on them, to keep your kids or even yourself entertained. Some of these can have Rubik’s cubes, or even small mini etch a sketches, just about anything you can imagine. There are also key fobs that help you out. If you have a savings card at grocery stores or other retailers, these keys can help identify you, get you discounts and other freebies. Of course, a lot depends on the retailer. Some people have dozens of these on their key chains.

While there are those kinds of key fobs, perhaps the most important fobs you can have are the ones that are directly related to your vehicle. There are ones that unlock or lock your door at a touch of a button, or activate a panic alarm in case you have forgotten where you’ve parked. These fobs have various ranges, and can be operated remotely from fifty to a hundred yards away. One interesting trick that comes with many of these fobs is the ability to roll down your windows as well. Who hasn’t unlocked your car or truck on a hot summer day, only to get blasted by the hot air that has accumulated in your vehicle while you were out? You can try it by pressing the button that unlocks the door once, then again and hold it down. You can also look in your owner’s manual to see if you vehicle’s remote has any other cool features.

This may be cool, but newer model vehicles have key fobs that are even more important. These have electronic entry chips, also known as transponder chips that allow you to access your ignition switch. One is imbedded in the fob, the other in the ignition itself. These are designed to prevent theft, either from getting into the vehicle itself, or in case of a break in, to prevent the motor from turning over.

However, what happens if you lose your key fob? Now you can’t get back into your vehicle and you are stuck, possibly in a dangerous location, what do you do? Well not to worry, just give Huntington Beach Locksmith a call. Our locksmiths can be there in 30 minutes or less, with a new key fob, or if you need your ignition rekeyed, or any other kind of automotive security services you need. They have the skills, the tools, and the knowhow to get you going in no time, without having to send out for a new transponder chip. For more inquiries, feel free to call us today.